Advancing Surgical Solutions with a Focus on Clinical Excellence and Cost Savings

Surgical Principals, Inc. (SPI) goes beyond being a surgical products company; we’re your strategic partner dedicated to elevating healthcare through clinical excellence while delivering substantial cost savings for hospitals.

Based in Tacoma, Washington, SPI specializes in General, Gynecological, and Urological specialties, offering innovative solutions designed to enhance clinical outcomes and reduce operating room costs.

Dedicated Product Consultants

SPI’s professionally trained product consultants go beyond traditional roles. Engaging with the operating room and Sterile Processing Department (SPD), our team focuses on understanding the unique clinical and financial challenges hospitals face.

By tailoring solutions that align with these challenges, we empower our clients to achieve maximum cost efficiency without compromising on patient care.

Building Lasting Partnerships Through Savings

We recognize that a partnership built on savings is a partnership built to last. By strategically addressing the clinical and financial needs of our customers, we aim to forge long-term relationships. Our commitment extends beyond supplying products; we are dedicated to contributing to the financial well-being of hospitals nationwide.

  • Focused on understanding your unique challenges
  • Offering tailored solutions
  • Helping you achieve maximum cost efficiency

Leading the Way in Cost-Effective Solutions

Our mission at SPI is clear: to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Since our establishment in 2000, Surgical Principals, Inc. has continually strived to live up to this mission.