Ripstop Nylon Retrieval Bags

Robust, Reliable, Cost-Effective Solutions

Our Specimen Retrieval Bags redefine resilience and ease of use in surgical procedures. Crafted with rip-stop nylon material, these bags stand out by offering unmatched strength and cost savings.

Key Features

Rip-Stop Nylon Construction:

Unlike the majority of alternatives using polypropylene, our Retrieval Bags feature rip-stop nylon material, ensuring robustness during usage.

Widest Array of Size Options:

Choose from the widest array of size options in the marketplace, ensuring a perfect fit for every surgical scenario.


In many instances, our product line is 35% less expensive than alternatives, providing both quality and cost savings.

Impermeable Polyurethane Coating:

The Ripstop Nylon Benefits include a polyurethane coating that is impermeable to biological fluids, ensuring a clean and efficient procedure.

High Visibility and Reusability:

The bags become translucent when wet for greater visibility and can be reused multiple times in the same procedure.

Secure Closure and Reopening:

The monofilament drawstring ensures a secure closure that can be easily reopened, providing flexibility in handling specimens.

Our Specimen Retrieval Bags are the trusted choice for surgeons seeking reliability, durability, and cost-effective solutions.

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