Laparoscopic Instruments

Mediflex Laparoscopic Instruments: Precision Redefined.
Our cutting-edge instruments redefine possibilities in the operating room, offering a comprehensive range of solutions designed for ease of use, efficient cleaning, and maximum versatility.

Lapro-Flex® Articulating Retractors

Self-forming articulating triangle retractors. These retractors provide convenient and atraumatic retraction of organs and tissue in the peritoneal space. Introduced through a 5mm cannula, they can be articulated to their shape by rotating a knob in the handle.

Needle Drivers

Elevate your suturing techniques with Mediflex needle drivers. Our 45cm length is a rare find as this size has been discontinued by others, showcasing our commitment to offering instruments that meet specific surgical demands.

Cutting Edge® Scissors

The Mediflex® Cutting Edge® System is engineered for optimal performance, combining disposable and reusable components for maximum cost-efficiency. The disposable tips ensure a new, precise cutting experience for each patient, while the reusable one-piece instrument, made from high-quality materials, ensures maximum safety, performance, and life expectancy. Experience the cutting edge of laparoscopic instruments with our innovative scissors.

Deluxe Modular Instruments

Our Deluxe Modular Instruments provide maximum versatility with a wide variety of interchangeable Handles, Shafts, and Inserts. Choose from a wide variety of styles and sizes that other manufacturers no longer offer. Enhance your surgical toolkit with instruments designed for easy assembly, quick disassembly, and efficient cleaning and sterilization.

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