Holding and Positioning Arms

Mediflex leads the industry with the most extensive range of table-mounted holding and positioning arm solutions, featuring the versatile FlexArm™ and StrongArm™ systems. Specifically engineered for static retraction, these systems offer adaptable support for a diverse array of surgical instruments, laparoscopes, and Nathanson liver retractors across various surgical procedures.

FlexArm™ Plus Systems: Redefining Hands-Free Holding

Revolutionizing hands-free holding, the FlexArm™ Plus Systems empower surgeons to focus on procedures without requiring an assistant to manage the laparoscope. With limitless positioning and rigid holding capability, the FlexArm™ excels in delivering stable support for a variety of surgical instruments.

StrongArm™ Features: Precision and Ease

The StrongArm guarantees simple setup, effortless adjustments, and precise holding throughout extended procedures.

Low Profile Nathanson Hooks: Perfect for Robotic Procedures

Optimized for robotic procedures, these hooks feature a shorter proximal section outside the patient, ensuring a lower profile and minimizing the risk of collisions with robotic arms.

Mediflex Nathanson hooks feature a hexagonal proximal end, seamlessly integrating into the Quick-Connect hex fitting, preventing axial slippage—a common issue in other holding systems. Mediflex proudly offers the broadest selection of Nathanson Hooks in the industry, featuring 6.5mm diameter hooks renowned for their robust support of large, heavy livers.

Choose Mediflex Holding and Positioning Arms with confidence, ensuring that your surgeons and staff achieve the clinical outcomes they expect. Proudly made in the USA, Mediflex products come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, underscoring commitment to quality and reliability.

For a comprehensive view of all variations, click here to review the Mediflex website directly. (https://mediflex.com/collections/flexarm-plus).  Feel free to send us a message or call us, and we’ll be glad to walk you through the wide array of different options available.

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