Neurosurgical Positioning Systems

Excellence in Neurosurgical Retractors

Experience the pinnacle of excellence in neurosurgical Retractors with Mediflex, featuring the Davida® retractor system—the ONLY system in the marketplace backed by a 100% compatibility, money-back guarantee when used with Symmetry Surgical’s Greenberg® components. The Mediflex Davida™ Systems are manufactured of the same materials as, are dimensionally equivalent to and will interchange seamlessly with the original Greenberg® branded Systems. Additionally, pricing is typically far less than that of the Greenberg®.

Key Features

Flexible Positioning Arms:

Accommodate a variety of retractors, forceps, and other instruments with highly flexible positioning arms, ensuring adaptability for diverse neurosurgical procedures.

Ergonomic Hand Rests:

Reduce fatigue and tremor during surgery with ergonomic hand rests, providing surgeons with comfort and stability for enhanced precision.

Built-in Instrument Holder:

Facilitate ease of exchange by keeping instruments at the surgical site with the built-in instrument holder, optimizing workflow.

All Mediflex neurosurgical systems are proudly made in the U.S.A and backed with a one (1) year warranty. Elevate your neurosurgical experience with the Mediflex Systems.

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