LaproShear Scissors

Where Innovation Meets Efficiency

The LaproShear reposable scissors provide a new, sharp, clean blade for every procedure while retaining ergonomics and quality of a reusable handle. This system guarantees surgeons a consistently sharp cut, providing a superior and cost-effective option for surgical precision.

Key Features

Cost Savings:

On average, LaproShear offers an impressive 70% cost savings when compared to fully disposable laparoscopic scissors.

Consignment Handle Program:

Take advantage of our consignment handle program, complete with a lifetime replacement warranty for sustained cost savings and peace of mind.

Ergonomic Reusable Handle:

Experience superior control and feel with the ergonomic, reusable handle, offering a more responsive tactile experience compared to disposable plastic instruments.

Easy Assembly:

Designed for efficiency, LaproShear features an easy-to-assemble ball and socket connection.

Enhanced Cutting at the Distal Tip:

Maintain accurate and precise tip approximation for improved micro dissection with enhanced cutting at the distal tip.

Eliminates Insulation Testing and Expensive Repairs:

The new shaft eliminates the need for insulation testing and expensive repairs, offering a hassle-free and cost-effective solution.

Discover the LaproShear advantage – where innovation meets efficiency, providing surgeons with the tools they can trust.

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